A relocatable home is a property specifically built to be able to be split, craned onto truck and relocated to a different park. A relocatable home has all the same amenities as a standard property however they are much more versatile. If you like your relocatable home, but don’t like the area, simple. Move your dream home to a new destination.

No – As you are purchasing the relocatable home not the land, you are not eligible to pay stamp duty when you purchase or capital gains when you sell.

No, there are no exit or entry fees. The only fees involved with relocatable homes are weekly site fees.

Weekly site fees for most parks are what you pay instead of council rates. Most parks site fees include maintenance of the park, electricity and a lease.

Yes – You may be eligible for government subsidies if you are currently on a pension. This equates very roughly to a discount of $60 - $80 per week. All cases are different.

Pets are allowed on a park-to-park basis. Dogs are allowed in most parks however have to be approved by most park management. Some may require a doctor’s certificate as a companion dog.

You’re relocatable home is part of your estate. If anyone in the family would like to move in and fits the parks criteria then they can move in, or they may sell it.

It's simple, if you are marketing through park management or selling privately, we have created an easy to use manual upload form. Within the form you will be able to fill in details about your property, a section to highlight all of your homes features as well as upload up to 9 pictures. Its as easy as that. If you are selling through an agency, our CRM portal can interact with most agency’s websites to be uploaded onto also. Properties will be listed within 12 hours of receiving either the manual upload form on Relocatable Living.